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Shopping lists

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If you've got any special dietary requirements (gluten free, nut free, soya free etc.) then just let us know and we'll tweak the recipes for you.

About the ingredients

Getting to grips with your 30 Day Vegan ingredients

Firstly, we strongly recommend that you give the whole 30 days plan a quick once over. Secondly, read your recipes because these weekly lists are NOT complete shopping lists

  • We haven’t included everything! Eg most of the fruit/vegetables aren’t here, neither are other basics like bread. 
  • Neither have we accounted for quantities – it all depends on whether you reduce the recipes or make a whole batch.  You might also decide that it’s OK to eat a dish two days in a run or freeze some of it for the following week – and thus omit one of the other recipes. It’s up to you!
  • We DO include items you might not already have at home – and might need a few days’ notice to get hold of, depending on availability/where you live. 
  • The first week’s shopping list is larger – but some of the items will buy will last you through the month and beyond. 
  • Make sure you read the week’s recipes before you get shopping. Why? Because the following three weeks aren’t so detailed. That’s because we assume you will know where to get items that were in the first week or have leftovers – eg we only mention tofu and sausages the first week.  If you have freezer room and can be bothered planning ahead, you might order, for example, several packs of vegan sausages and veggiemince and not bother buying them again. Or then again, not!
  • You might also consider whether you’re using a Home cooked or Quick Fix supper recipe for each day as this will affect just what and how much you buy – as well as how much you spend.

Where to shop?
Many items are currently available from larger branches of supermarkets like Sainsbury or Waitrose.  However, a handful will need to be bought elsewhere, eg nutritional yeast flakes.  

Ocado online supermarket has a good vegan range; Some Holland & Barrett branches do food, others not so much, so check your local branch; independent health shops are usually excellent  – and not just on the high street these days. Try online stores, eg Goodness Direct; Alternative Stores; Honest to Goodness; Vegan Co; Vegan X. 

Other help
And don’t forget the L-Plate Vegan Guide – it will give you some handy tips on who sells what.

Saving money
We try to offer both ready-mades AND simple recipes– so you have the choice to make things from scratch or buy them, depending on your schedule and kitchen experience! Eg there are readies and home-made versions of cheezy sauce; mayo; sour crème and wholegrains.  For even more recipes – eg easy sauces – see the Vegan Recipe Club  

Tofu tips
Leftover plain firm tofu* needs to be stored in water in an airtight plastic box in the fridge. Change the water daily – it will keep fresh for several days like this. When ready to use, drain and squeeze gently with kitchen towel to get rid of excess water. Then cube and fry up in very hot oil, as usual.  Drizzle in soya sauce and crushed garlic just before the end.  Cook in advance if you wish or as and when. Add the cubes to stir-fries, Thai curries etc at the end of cooking – just heat through. Or add cold to salads etc.
Silken tofu leftovers will keep in an air-tight container for up to 3 days.  
Very firm tofu like Taifun Smoked or Basil will keep for up to a week – wrap loosely in a bit of clingfilm or plastic but don’t let it get too moist.
Marinated pieces (Cauldron) are ready to go! Just heat them through before serving so they retain texture


30 Day Vegan Shopping list
DAYS 1-7

Shelves or chill cabinet
  • Almonds – ready-ground or whole if you have an electric grinder –about 50g – sprinkle any leftovers in smoothies, on cereal, in soups etc
  • Mixed nuts and mixed seeds – 1 packet of each
  • Soya sauce, preferably good quality tamari or shoyu type – eg Clearspring, Essential, Sanchi or Kikoman
  • Tahini, 1 jar
  • Vegan mayo – eg Plamil; Tiger Tiger; Mayola – or make your own
  • Dijon mustard
  • Sweet chilli sauce
  • Discovery Fajita Season & Sauce, 1 jar (or other Mexican tomato-based sauce). 
  • Coriander powder, 1/2 tsp (omit if using Discovery Season & Sauce)
  • Black beans, 1 tin or carton. Use kidney or pinto beans if you can't find black
  • Tortillas, corn, or wholewheat wraps, eg Lidl or Discovery
  • Flax meal – (linseeds and flax seeds are the same) – buy ready-ground or buy whole seeds and grind yourself if you have an electric grinder
  • Nut and seed butter – not only peanut – try cashew, almond, sunflower seed…  Meridian is a good brand
  • Engevita nutritional yeast flakes (not brewer’s yeast) – from health food shops or online. The blue tub is best if you can get it (fortified with B12)
  • Pizza base – try Sainsbury Thin & Crispy Twin Pizza Base or M&S for a vegan version; health food stores for Biona or other vegan brands – OR V-Bites/Redwood ready-made pizza from (Holland & Barrett) NB Napolina isn’t vegan
  • Vegan cheese, preferably melting: try Vegusto; Tesco; Sheese Melty; V-Bites Cheezly Melting… hunt your local health food shop or online
  • Yeast extract – not only Marmite. Different tastes eg Essential; Meridian; Natex…
  • Noodles, egg-free, eg Clearspring, Sanchi or some Blue Dragon
  • Yoghurt, plain vegan 1 tub
  • Sour crème, Tofutti Sour Supreme – or make your own. See recipe link
  • Veg or Noodle Pots, (Innocent or Clive’s) – choose from the mostly vegan selection
  • Plant milk, fortified – eg soya, rice, coconut, oat etc – 1-2 cartons. Long-life or chilled
Meat alternatives
  • Chicken-style strips, eg Fry’s, V-Bites (formerly Redwood) - frozen
  • Seitan (jar, Yakso or Lima brand) OR tinned gluten (same as seitan but cheaper and with different flavours): eg Companion tinned mock chicken or duck ,– from Oriental stores Vegan hot dogs or sausages: Fry’s; V-Bites; Vegusto; Linda McCartney; Vegetarian Choice; Taifun
  • Veggiemince, frozen – eg Linda McCartney; Fry’s; Asda; Tesco; Sainsbury. Or dried savoury type – health food shops
  • Beanburgers, frozen – if using the Quick Fix option
  • Tofu, plain, 1 pack (if making home-made tofu burgers)
  • Tofu pieces: Cauldron marinated, chilled
  • Tofu: firm silken to make sour crème and/or mayo if you wish (eg Morinaga, Blue Dragon, Clearspring, Morinu, Taifun) – longlife or chilled
  • Smoked – Taifun is available from Waitrose but there are other good brands in health food shops too
  • Fresh soya beans (edamame), frozen eg Birds Eye or Tesco – or in pods, Oriental stores


30 Day Vegan Shopping list
DAYS 8-14

  • Margarine, eg Pure, Suma, Biona, Vitalite … See the L-Plate Vegan for a full list of vegan marg
  • Cheezly vegan cheese Hard Italian style (Holland & Barrett etc)
  • Hummus – eg Asda White Bean or alternative
  • Vegan cream cheese, eg Tofutti, Sheese or Tesco
  • Alfalfa or other fine sprouts (health food shops or a really good greengrocer are the best for these)
  • If making Quick Fix Winter Warmer…
  • M&S Maris Piper Onion Rosti or other roast veg bakes
  • M&S Braised Vegetable Casserole with Mini Parsley Dumplings
  • Lentils, 1-2 tins or sachets, eg supermarket own-brand or Merchant Gourmet. Try Puy, or green or brown
  • Mixed beans, 1 tin (for salad)
  • Rice noodles (fresh) – if using Day 10 ‘s Quick Fix meal
  • Quinoa (pronounced ‘Keenwah’)
  • Chickpeas, 2 tins
  • Artichoke hearts, 1-2 tins
  • Sun-dried tomatoes, dried or in oil (soak dried in hot water before using) Or use the expensive but delicious oven-roasted Merchant Gourmet type straight from the packet!
  • Capers, 1 medium jar
  • Cashew pieces or pine nuts, 3 tbsp (good handful)
  • Chickpea flour, small bag (known also as gram or besan. Cheapest from an Asian grocer but good supermarkets also sell it)
  • Syrup – agave or date – eg Meridian, Biona, Crazy Jack etc


30 Day Vegan Shopping list
DAYS 15-21

  • Tesco Mexican range if using Quick Fix option
  • Fry’s Cottage Pie if making Quick Fix dinner
  • Waitrose burgers and accompaniments if using Quick Fix – or equivalents
  • Veggie pate or dip (Tartex or Granose particularly good). Use another spread/dip if you can’t get hold of them from a health food shop etc
  • Free & Easy Dairy Free Cheese Sauce Mix OR home made recipe
  • If making Cheeze Sauce from scratch: Garlic powder/granules, small jar (large Tescos sell it, amongst other places)
  • Onion powder/granules, small jar (as above)
  • Vegan stock powder or cubes: Marigold red tub; Kallo; Green Oxo
  • Amy’s Kitchen Dairy Free Rice Macaroni & Cheeze if using Quick Fix option
  • Red lentils, 300g
  • Porridge, instant, like So Simple or supermarket own brand
  • Soup – home-made or bought
  • Asparagus, fresh (depending on time of year and imports)
  • Vegan pesto, small jar (Meridian, Zest, Sunita or Seggiano all do vegan range)
  • Brown rice or other cooked wholegrains (home-made or from a ready-cooked pack)
  • Walnuts, small pack
  • Sunflower or other seeds
  • Tin of beans for salad, eg mixed, flageolet, kidney…


30 Day Vegan Shopping list
DAYS 22-30

  • Rashers, vegan (V-Bites/Redwood) OR tempeh rashers OR smoked tofu to fry
  • Vegan yoghurt, plain
  • Asda Edamame Bean Salad or equivalent
  • Marinated tofu pieces or tempeh pieces, fried – keep half the packet for the tempeh sandwich breakfast
  • Waitrose Indian curries if using Quick Fix option – or other supermarket or takeaway options – just ensure there’s no added butter ghee, cream, yoghurt etc
  • Chinese or Thai takeaway from the vegetarian section of a supermarket – or from a restaurant. Avoid oyster and fish sauce. Ask for fried tofu in one of the dishes if possible
  • Fresh (frozen) soya beans, broad beans or peas – whatever you have left
  • Mama Cucina Vegan Quiches if using Quick Fix option (Holland & Barrett)
  • Garden Lites Courgette Portobello (as above)
  • Stir-fry sauce, eg Black bean or Garlic & Ginger, any brand that’s vegan eg Tesco
  • Salsa
  • Dressing ingredients for Superbowl Salad – or use ready-made
  • Morrison’s wholegrains and antipasta if using Quick Fix option
  • Morrison’s Roast dinner ing
  • Butter beans, 1 tin
  • White beans, eg haricot, 1 tin
  • Cannelini beans, 2 tins
  • Flageolet beans, 1 tin (or kidney)
  • Millet, 225g
  • Hazelnuts or almonds, slivered – 85g
  • Olives, black and green, small jar of each
  • Sundried tomatoes if none left
  • Granola – honey-free
  • Indian snack selection – nearly always vegan but check
  • Fruit & Fibre or other vegan breakfast cereal
  • Ingredients of your choice for the Home Made Big Vegan All Day Breakfast (dinner!) OR the Quick Fix option
  • Vegan Croissants – Jus Rol – and fillings of your choice from the list