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Low-fat vegan diets: how to reverse type 2 diabetes

It is well established that switching to a vegan diet can yield remarkable results in your health. In fact, it can reverse type 2 diabetes. In one of the first ground-breaking studies, 197 men with type 2 diabetes switched to a low-fat, vegan diet and after just three weeks, 140 of them were able to discontinue their medication! (Barnard et al, 1994.) Several studies followed, each of them testing the effects of a vegan, low-fat diet that emphasises foods with a low glycaemic index (they release sugars slowly) and all of them came to the same conclusion – that this type of diet is more effective than any other diet and even some medication (Powell, 2011). This is great news as it means we can all take steps to prevent or reverse type 2 diabetes. Viva!Health has developed the groundbreaking D-Diet which does just that by detailing what a wholefood vegan diet should consist of. For just £2.90, our guide gives you the building blocks that you need to protect yourself from this disease. If you've already been diagnosed, it will teach you a new way of eating. With easy meal plans, the D-Diet will help you reverse type 2 diabetes!