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Dairy and Obesity: an expanding epidemic of huge proportions

Research by the American Cancer Society on 75,000 people for over a decade found that the one food most associated with weight gain was meat. This is supported by the UK National Diet and Nutrition Survey, which reports that meat and meat products are the leading source of fat in most people’s diets. The second leading source is dairy and dairy products – with hard cheeses, cream, butter and milk chocolate being significant sources of saturated fats. It's clear that dairy and obesity go hand in hand. An impressively large study of European vegans (Spencer, 2003) compared over 1,000 of them to tens of thousands of meat eaters. The meat eaters, were significantly heavier than the vegans on average. Less than two per cent of vegans were obese compared to one-fifth of English adults. And yet, vegans ate as many calories as the meat eaters. Vegans who consume a wholefood diet tend to stabilise at their natural, healthy weight. The NHS says that obese men are 50 per cent more likely to develop bowel cancer than those with a healthy weight. Morbidly obese women also increase their risk by 50 per cent (NHS, 2014). Meat and dairy products contribute to obesity. Dairy and obesity are inextricably linked. So, go vegan. Eliminate dairy products. Kill your addiction to saturated fats and you'll soon see a trimmer you.