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Calcium-rich foods: strong bones without dairy

Can you have strong bones without dairy? You bet, you can! In fact, you're better off necking some almonds than downing a cup of cows' milk. Once you start boning up on calcium, you'll be amazed where you'll find it lurking. It's in everything from walnuts to watercress. Fill your belly with calcium-rich foods and you'll be eating a rainbow - an extremely tasty and satisfying rainbow, at that. You'll thrive. Your health will blossom. So, grab some blackstrap molasses and make some Parkin cake. Whilst you're in the kitchen, whip up some blackcurrant or blackberry jam. Stir fry some edamame, broccoli and bok choy. Even a humble meal of beans on wholemeal toast will boost your calcium count. Fancy something posh? If you want to dazzle dinner guests, don't forget the nibbles. Olives are perfect. You could even knock up an artistic artichoke dip and serve it with some amaranth crisps. Stunning stuff.

The chart above is indispensable. It clearly illustrates calcium-rich alternatives to cows' milk. You'll learn loads and have fun experimenting with yummy foods whilst you build a formidable set of strong bones without dairy. Don't believe the hype from the milk machine. The plant world is full of superior sources of calcium.