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Nanny state: don't replace cow milk with goat milk

Are you thinking about giving up cows’ milk and replacing it with goats’? After all, goats’ milk is promoted as the angelic answer to those who want a healthier, more humane alternative. The irony is that all the problems that exist in cows’ milk production also exist in goat farming. Mother and kid are separated almost immediately so her milk can be taken. Females are used to replenish the herd but males can’t produce milk so they are either killed at birth or kept for meat for the growing ethnic market. Almost all kid goats suffer at least one painful mutilation, usually without anaesthetic. Worried about zero grazing for cows? Well, it’s already here for goats. Many herds run to over a thousand animals and these inquisitive, fun loving creatures are almost always housed in all-yearround intensive sheds. A major Viva! investigation running to May 2012, reveals the sickening life of goats on two of Britain’s biggest dairy farms, one of which supplies the major distributor, Delamere Dairy. Upper Enson Farm, in Stafford, has some 1,800 animals and our investigator found it strewn with dead kids and a skip overflowing with corpses. (Gellatley et al, 2012.)

So, thinking of giving up dairy? Don't replace cow milk with goat milk. If you're worried about cruelty, you'll find just as much misery in the goat farming industry.