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The kids are not alright: baby goats without their mums

Another farm we visited near Taunton, Somerset, had about 1,200 animals. It was heart-breaking to film the beautiful, innocent reasons for the nanny goats’ milk – their baby kids. As with all mammals, goats produce milk only because they give birth after a five-month pregnancy. They are well known for being vigilant, loving and protective mothers but on all UK dairy goat farms, male and female babies are taken away almost immediately after birth. Love goats' milk? So do baby goats. But kids don't get to enjoy their mums' milk. As we mentioned, they're separated from their mothers - and you won't believe what happens next. We were informed that the male kids were, until recently, ‘disposed of’ by being swung by their legs to smash their heads against a metal post. When we filmed, however, a market had been found and they were being sold for meat to a Bristol-based company.

This is just part of the argument against switching from cows' milk to goats' milk. Read on to discover how the pursuit of profit in agriculture is never for the benefit of the animals.