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Hormone cocktail: there's no happy hour here

Because of its link with cancer, the big question is: does goats’ milk contain the growth hormone, IGF-1? Scientists conclude that: “IGF-1 is present in goat milk” and can survive in commercial milk products (Magistrelli, 2005). Another hormone present in both cows’ and goats’ milk is oestrogen, though at a lesser concentration in goats’ milk. Most oestrogens in our diet come from animals’ milk and those in goats’ milk are precursors to ‘catechol oestrogens’, strong promoters of cancer. Isn't it just the smart thing to do to limit - whenever possible - your exposure to carcinogens? Giving up dairy milk is a small price to pay for safeguarding your health just that little bit more, don't you think?

So, now how do you like your drinks? Unless you fancy a hormone cocktail in your cuppa, you should stay away from goats' milk. All dairy milks come with added (and unwanted extras). You do have alternatives, though - and plenty. Find out how easy it is to replace the milk from a cow or a goat with an array of plant milks - from the light sweetness of rice milk to the beautifully versatile coconut milk. We'll show you how!