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Goats' milk good for your health? Stop kidding yourself!

“For those people who experience cows’ milk intolerance, goats’ milk is an ideal substitute…” Delamere boast on their website. Others claim that it is also perfect for people with cows’ milk allergies. But what does the science say? Goats’ milk has virtually the same lactose (sugar) content as cows’ milk, containing 4.4g lactose per 100g of milk. Whole cows’ milk contains 4.5g and semiskimmed cows’ milk, 4.7g. Patrizia Restani, from the Department of Pharmacological Sciences, State University Milan, reviewed the science on allergies and goats’ milk and concluded that it is wholly unsuitable for the lactose intolerant. Even more serious than lactose intolerance is milk allergy, caused by proteins and not sugars. Restani insists that statements claiming goats’ milk is less allergenic than cows’ milk are “controversial” and have “not been proved”. She adds that there are more scientific papers showing the opposite! For example, 26 infants aged five months to seven years, who were allergic to cows’ milk protein, were tested for goats’ milk allergy. Twenty four out of 26 were allergic to both. In another study, 22 out of 28 children were allergic to both milks and just six to cows’ milk alone. Several independent studies have shown that milks from different animals all produce a similar immune reaction in people with cows’ milk allergy. Restani forcefully concludes that given the severity of the reaction to goats’ milk in some people – which includes hives, eczema, difficulty in breathing and vomiting – goats’ milk “must not be considered an appropriate replacement for infants or children with cows’ milk allergy” and that “labels suggesting use of goats’ milk for intolerant/hypersensitive people should be banned” (Restani, 2004).

So, are you ready to give up cows' milk? Great! But don't make the an all too common mistake. Goats' milk good for your health? You're just kidding yourself! The good news is that there's a much wider variety of plant milks than animal milks. We'll tell you about them soon. Keep reading...