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Fat kid: how goats' milk can make you chubby

According to the Journal of Dairy Science (2012), “The largest health concern for consumers of goats’ milk is likely to be its greater fat content compared to cows’ milk. More troubling is how much of the fat in goats’ milk is saturated fat… if one is looking for a hearthealthy diet that includes dairy… goats’ milk may not be the best alternative to cows’ milk.” (Farlow, 2012.)

Earlier in this guide, we illustrated how cows’ milk is higher in saturated fats than human milk. A swift increase in body size is more of an imperative for cows than rapid brain development so cows produce milk that is high in body-building saturated fats - and it's the same story for goats and goats' milk. 

Cows’ milk is meant to help a calf grow very rapidly. Goats' milk is meant to help a kid grow very rapidly. Neither one is optimal for human health.

So, if you're thinking of switching from cows' milk, you'll want to know that goats' milk can make you chubby. It's not the best swap you can make. But you don't have to choose from the lesser of two evils. There are plenty of alternatives to dairy milk. You'll want to arm yourself with the facts so that you can make an informed decision.