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Are you taking the pus? Goats' milk is gross

Most revolting, though, is the ‘somatic cell’ or pus content of goats’ milk! Cows’ milk can legally contain up to 400 million pus cells per litre so one teaspoonful of milk can have two million pus cells! According to UFAW, 65 per cent of goat milk samples will have a cell count greater than 1,000 million cells per litre (Mowlem, 2011)! Milk really has got the lot! With goats as with cows, it is the philosophy of factory farmed, mass production that triumphs; the same old cycle of pregnancy, removal of babies, constant milking, disease, deprivation and early death. And all for a product that may promote disease.

You might think that you're being virtuous by swearing off cows' milk. Don't fool yourself. Goats' milk is gross - and it's full of pus. Bottoms up! 

What's the undesirable in goats' milk? Just as is cows' milk, it's pus (yes, that
creamy-green stuff that oozes out of infections)! Remember, cows' milk contains up to 400 million pus cells per litre and is legally allowed to be sold for human consumption – but the levels, as revealed above, are even higher in goats’ milk.
Thank goodness for plants – soya, almonds, oat, hazelnuts, rice – and their milk of human kindness.