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Why Choose Vegan

The number of vegans in the UK continues to rise every year. People decide to go vegan for a number of different reasons and there are so many benefits of doing so. Whatever the reason might be, Viva! supports all steps toward veganism.



Viva! Animals launches dynamic campaigns to expose the truth about factory farming - an atrocious industry responsible for systemic cruelty to animals. We conduct undercover investigations and bear witness to this cruelty to show the public where their ''food' really comes from, and urge them to choose vegan.


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Viva! Planet highlights how livestock farming is destroying our planet. Never before have we seen such ecological devastation in human history and time is running out to stop it. Our environmental campaign provides scientific research and helps people move towards less resource-intensive diets by choosing vegan.


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Viva! Health is on-hand to support people on their journey into veganism. We take the latest scientific papers and make them accessible for everyone, creating fact sheets and combating misinformation about health and nutrition.


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Viva! Lifestyle shows how positive and easy it is to go vegan. From Vegan Recipe Club and 30 Day Vegan – packed with delicious recipes – to the Viva! Shop which offers vegan fashion and food, it has everything you need to get started.


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