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Why Donate to Viva!?

Save animals with Viva!The answer is a simple but powerful one: Viva! is a charity (1037486) that saves animals and campaigns for a better future for all. We survive purely on your generosity. Viva! receives no government funding and the only way we can carry on making a difference is by donations from people like you. If it wasn’t for the financial support of animal lovers Viva! simply would not be here.

Your donation will help launch regular, hard-hitting campaigns and force the vegetarian and vegan debate on to the agenda –- on TV, radio and in the Press. You will also help fund our animal investigations – you help us save lives! 
On top of this Viva! runs many events and gives free talks across the UK, including to schools. We have helped millions of people change their diet. Every person who changes saves around 11,000 animals!.

Every donation helps save animals. Also, please consider becoming a supporter and join us in the fight for life.

Juliet and friend, Sammy sheep
Juliet and friend, Sammy sheep

“Most UK animals are factory farmed and unless you’ve been in one of these places, you wouldn’t believe that animals could be treated this way.  Viva!’s undercover investigators secretly go inside and film the filth and squalor they find - and the equally barbaric slaughterhouses.

More than 20 years we’ve been doing this, to show people the truth and end the cruelty – and we’re succeeding. Our headline-grabbing campaigns reveal the suffering and more people are vegetarian and vegan than ever!

We also show that being vegan is much healthier and helps to save our collapsing environment.

And we’re making it easier and easier for people to change! Whatever pace you are moving at - we are all on the road to a kinder world. Whether you reducing meat, fish or dairy consumption or you are vegetarian or vegan – we need you.

The world needs Viva! so please add your voice to ours and be that change.”

Juliet Gellatley, Founder & Director of Viva!

Viva!’s Campaigns

Ducks. Viva! was the first to film the factory farming of ducks - birds that are still essentially wild - locked in stinking, overcrowded sheds with no access to water in which to clean or swim. Campaigns with massive press and TV coverage saw duck slaughter figures shrink from 19 million to 14 million – and they’re still falling.

Pigs. We’ve filmed in dozens of pig farms and exposed the widespread use of metal farrowing crates for breeding sows – cages so small they can’t even turn around. We’ve shown the filthy concrete cells that piglets have to call home and exposed the constant use of drugs simply to keep them alive.

Dairy Cows. It’s standard practice - all new-born calves are taken from their mothers after birth and tens of thousands are shot. We filmed it on Cadbury’s farms where the milk was for their chocolate.

Turkeys. Three Christmases running, our undercover teams hit the headlines by showing how the UK’s leading turkey producers treat their animals – thousands to a shed, dim light, billowing dust, dead and dying birds everywhere. Sale plummeted by four million.

Slaughter. We have looked into the eyes of a beautiful cow as her throat was sliced: we have seen ‘stunned’ piglets and lambs regain consciousness after being cut – and we’ve filmed it. All slaughter is obscene.

Horses. Viva! went to Poland to save ‘meat’ horses from being transported to Italy overland - days without rest, food or water - trampled, bloodied and trembling with stress. We slashed the annual trade from 100,000 to 30,000 animals. 

Kangaroos. Millions are shot in the Australian outback every year for meat and leather, their baby joeys beaten to death. Our campaign got UK supermarkets to empty their shelves of all exotic meats and Adidas stopped using kangaroo leather. Oh, and we also wiped out the British ostrich industry.

Foie-gras. We showed how ducks and geese are force fed until their livers almost explode, persuaded 1,000 restaurants and Amazon to stop selling it,  shamed Gordon Ramsay and got Heston Blumenthal to drop it.

We Save the Environment

 Forests are still being felled; deserts are spreading; species are disappearing; pollution is increasing; global warming is accelerating; and fish stocks are collapsing. And it is our diet which is at the heart of it all.   


We Save People 

Most people are not healthy! Heart disease and cancer increase yearly and, like obesity, osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s, are at epidemic proportions.

Our health researchers keep abreast of the science and can show that it isn’t inevitable - a vegan diet greatly reduces your risk.

Through eating rubbish food, 80 per cent of our children are malnourished and are likely to die before their parents. It is an evolutionary disaster thanks to animal fat, animal protein, dairy, salt and sugar. Children on delicious and varied vegan diets prosper and grow healthily.

Viva!Health’s science team have shown that chicken meat isn’t healthy,  that all fish contains dangerous pollutants, milk and dairy are not wonder foods but contain 35 hormones and 11 growth factors, including those linked to cancer. www.vivahealth.org.uk

At Your Service 

We make the science simple, show you which foods are healthy and expose the things that damage your health. We are happy to answer your health queries and we run a superb recipe club – www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk