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The Unhappy Duck

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The Bitter Taste of Crispy Duck

Over 18 million ducks are slaughtered in the UK every year - over 90 per cent are factory farmed, thousands in a single shed.

‘Crispy duck’ is on almost every Chinese restaurant menu and most of these water birds will have never seen a pond.

Evolved to eat, swim, dive, clean and play in water – most are denied it, except to drink. They can’t preen or clean properly, can develop eye problems or even blindness. They still have the instincts of wild Mallards, from which most are descended but instead of flying free, they never even go outside, never feel the sun on their backs or taste the freedom of an open river.

Their only taste of fresh air is when they're crated and carted off to slaughter at just seven weeks old.

Factory farming is a disaster for animals and doesn’t do us much good, either. Crispy duck, weight for weight, can hold as much fat as a deep-fried Mars bar! If that doesn't get you then the bugs might - most food poisoning comes from meat and dairy! And it's becoming more difficult to treat as antibiotic use on factory farms helps spur the growth of drug-resistant Salmonella and E.coli as well as deadly superbugs.

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