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Call for Subway to end 'cruel' slaughter

Stop Halal killing without pre-stunning

78 Subway stores across the UK are selling Halal meat from unstunned animals it has emerged. Animals killed in this way have their throats cut whilst fully conscious; bleeding to death in abject terror and pain. The suffering and welfare implications of it are so extreme that the Government's own welfare advisory body - the Farm Animal Welfare Council (FAWC) - have now twice asked for it to be banned.

However, there is an important distinction: the majority of Halal meat in the UK comes from animals that have been stunned - which, in essence, means it is no different from the slaughter of any animal in the UK. Despite this, Subway are selling meat from unstunned animals, imported from Ireland, even though there is widespread availability of Halal meat from animals that have been stunned within the UK.

Although no slaughter is humane - and many animals regain consciousness during the slaughtering process - pre-stunning undeniably causes less suffering on the whole.

Viva! continues to ask people to reject all slaughter and move towards a vegan diet, but please take this opportunity to persuade Subway to wash their hands of this horrific practice once and for all.

Contact Subway via their web form