Good News for the Wild Boar!

The Forestry Commission has now conceded that the Forest of Dean can take far more boar than is represented by the figure of 90 previously agreed with the Council. They have tentatively put forward the figure of about 400.

The Forest of Dean Council has yet to accept this new figure and it would be very helpful if polite emails and letters could be sent to them urging their adoption of the new figure.

The actual number of boar in the Forest is a matter for discussion but it probably is not as high as 400, so may mean that ‘culling’ does not happen.

Please write to the Council and ask them to agree to adopt this new figure:

Councillor Philip Burford (Chairman of the Strategic Overview and Scrutiny Committee) or Councillor Patrick Molyneux (Leader of the Council) at:

Forest of Dean District Council,
Council Offices,

High Street,


Glos GL16 8HG

Email: or

Dear Philip and Patrick

I am writing to you because I am very concerned about the fate of the Forest of Dean wild boar.

I do not agree with ‘culling’, but I understand that the Forestry Commission is suggesting that the population increases from 90 animals to around 400. This would certainly be a step in the right direction and – given the current population of animals – mean that ‘culling’ might be called off.

I understand that the boar are becomingly increasingly accepted by the people of the Forest and do no harm to the forest environment in ecological terms.

They are also a positive tourist attraction. I certainly intend to visit the Forest if the wild boar find sanctuary there. However, should ‘culling’ start again I would have to think twice about visiting and I would inform my friends and family about the situation.

I also understand that many within the Council recognise the benefits the wild boar brings to the Forest. So, again, I urge the Council to welcome the Forestry Commission’s suggestion on population size.

Yours sincerely - [remember to add your name and address!] 

Thank you for taking the time to be active for wild boar! 

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