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Object to plans for a 2,000 pig farm in Shropshire!

Viva!'s campaigns for pigs making headlines

Viva!'s campaigns for pigs making headlines ...

Viva! has been featured in the Shropshire Star objecting to a proposed pig farm which will house 2,000 pigs in two sheds on a site near Market Drayton. We now need YOU to object with us and urge Shropshire County Council to reject a pig farm that will undoubtedly cause suffering to many animals.

Public consultation closes on 25 May 2016, but objections will be counted right up until the planning meeting (date tbc). So please, object today!

Please send the objection below. Or even better personalise it.

Email: planningdmne@shropshire.gov.uk

“Dear Shropshire County Council

I am writing to you to lodge my objection to the planned pig farm on land off Adderley Road, near Market Drayton (Ref: 16/01821/FUL).

Animal welfare: I realise this isn't taken into account when deciding the outcome of planning meetings, but I strongly believe it should be. Pigs are highly intelligent animals. On a development this size, it will be difficult to spot diseased or suffering pigs. Viva! has however documented the suffering of pigs on many standard pig farms and, having viewed their findings, I do not believe that it is possible to provide high welfare for 2,000 pigs in the confinement of the proposed two sheds.

Risk to human health: Keeping large numbers of animals near residential dwellings (which would be less than 500 metres away from the proposed site) is a well-known potential disease risk to humans. In light of recent swine flu outbreaks, a recent study revealed that potentially deadly superbugs can be spread by flies from pig farms to people living miles away, and this should be of particular concern.

Environmental impact: This farm will not be ‘green’. In fact, the methane from the pigs themselves will produce huge amounts of carbon equivalent gases. It will also drain huge amounts of water. In 2013, Shropshire County Council rejected a similar pig farm that was proposed to house up to 2,000 pigs in two buildings in Upton Cresset near Bridgnorth. The main concern of the locals was that the site was too near the village, which was less than 500m miles away, and this would have led to significant noise and air pollution. Worryingly, both residential properties surrounding Market Drayton, and the Shropshire Union Canal - a widely-used, important tourist destination and hotspot - are also less than 500m away to the proposed pig farm. The Shropshire Union Canal is a charmingly rural and isolated waterway which is used for tourists and locals alike so they can get close to nature.

Increased traffic: Industrial farms of this size generate large amounts of HGV traffic, from moving animal feed and waste products. Typically, pigs raised for meat are killed at six months of age. It has been reported that every 15 weeks around 2,000 pigs will be transported off site to slaughter over a period of five weeks. Add to this frequent deliveries of feed. This will put a significant amount of extra traffic on the road and raise the risk of accidents - especially for local people who travel via Adderley Road to Market Drayton.

Jobs for local people: Factory farms are not big employers, so any benefit to the economy will be minimal at best.

This proposal is a significant development for the whole of the UK. Allowing it to proceed would set a dangerous precedent for the future intensification and factory farming in the UK. I strongly urge you to reject the proposed plans.

Yours faithfully”

[don't forget to include your name and address!]


Thank you for taking the time to be active for pigs! Together we can end the scourge of factory farming.

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