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Shockingly, Nikon not only facilitate the shooting of wild animals with cameras – they also do it with guns. The hypocrisy of this global company is one they have fought hard to keep from UK consumers.

This image is just one of the gruesome stills of hunters Nikon catalogue 2008celebrating killing wild animals in Nikon's 2008 catalogue. More recently, Nikon have shied away from images such as this but still sell the same riflescopes and hunting equipmen

Many wildlife photographers use Nikon cameras. Their latest catalogue shows a beautiful photo of two polar bears touching noses with the line, ‘Nature is full of moments of timeless beauty, to be captured before they are gone forever.’ Nikon should know because they are contributing to their disappearance.

Nikon produce a riflescope specifically designed for killing ‘large game’ – the Monarch African. They boast: “Africa has long been a continent of dreams and for hunters around the world. For those seeking their dangerous game adventure on the Dark Continent.”

Trophy hunters have contributed to a massive 50 per cent decline in lion populations in the past three decades and lions may soon be declared an endangered species.

Nikon catalogue 2008Most of their market is in the US where Nikon produce riflescopes designed for turkey hunting and one called theCoyote Special. They say they are “… proud to introduce the first line of riflescopes built specifically for predator hunters”.


Nikon's reputation as the camera maker of choice for many wildlife lovers is very much at odds with their attempts to sell hunting goods, as this magazine ad from 2012 shows.

With just a trace of embarrassment, they have recently renamed their hunting website to one called ‘sports optics,’ have dispensed with the photos of grinning hunters holding up dead animals but still sell the same riflescopes.

Nikon also still sponsor hunting and in 2012 declared they were proud to be a strategic partner with Texas Trophy Hunters. Jon B. LaCorte, Sr Product Marketing Manager, praised the organisation as being a “… testament to the passion that drives us in a sport we hold so rich with tradition (Sic).”

On the other hand they say: “Nature is a gift to be appreciated, treasured” and at the same time do their best to obliterate it.  
Join us in telling Nikon to dump hunting and tell them why you will not touch their products until they do.


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