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Dear Nikon

I was horrified to discover that you not only make cameras, but also produce equipment designed to help kill wild animals including riflescopes.

This is very much at odds with your publicity brochures that say nature should be captured with a camera before it is gone for ever. The fact that you are seemingly promoting the destruction of the very nature you purport to cherish is unforgivable hypocrisy.

I was especially dismayed to find out that you actively sponsor trophy hunters and actually produce a riflescope designed with the purpose of hunting 'game' such as lions and other large animals in Africa. Trophy hunters have contributed to a massive 50 per cent decline in lion populations in the past three decades and lions may soon be declared an endangered species. How can Nikon not only support this, but actually facilitate and promote it by producing equipment for this very purpose?

I am writing to let you know that I cannot with all good conscience buy Nikon products in the future whilst you sanction the destruction of the world's wild animals. Please end your support of hunting and get back to what you do best – make great camera products.

Yours faithfully