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Never a Nikon

Shockingly, Nikon not only facilitate and promote the shooting of wild animals with cameras – they also do it with guns. The hypocrisy of this global company is one they have seemingly fought hard to keep from UK consumers.

Many wildlife photographers use Nikon cameras, but few know that Nikon sponsor trophy hunting in the United States and also produce a riflescope specifically designed for killing large wild animals in Africa such as lions despite their numbers plummeting.

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This image is just one of the gruesome stills of hunters celebrating killing wild animals in Nikon's 2008 catalogue. More recently, Nikon have shied away from images such as this but still sell the same riflescopes and hunting equipment.

Message from Christopher Rimmer, renowned wildlife photographer:

“Like many people around the world, I was dismayed to learn that Nikon, a company with which I have a 30 year association, was directly involved in the promotion of trophy hunting in Africa.

“Trophy hunting is a vile and cruel practice carried out by a small majority of people who afford their perverse gratification a higher priority than the welfare of animals. Several of the species regularly shot by trophy hunters are on the endangered list. It is a practice that is completely contrary to my values and beliefs as a conservationist and a photographer. This is the reason I have ended my association with Nikon.

“I will no longer use or endorse Nikon products nor accept sponsorship until they agree to withdraw their support for trophy hunting in Africa and elsewhere. I urge anyone currently considering the purchase of a Nikon product to reconsider in light of these disturbing revelations.”


Message from Stefano Unterthiner, renowned wildlife photographer:

"I have used Nikon since I was a young boy, fascinated by nature and wildlife. I always saw Nikon as a company close to nature but I was wrong. I do not understand and cannot agree with their support for trophy hunting which sends out entirely the wrong message to global photographers who love nature. Wildlife needs protecting now more than ever. I urge the company to end its support for trophy hunting."

Many wildlife photographers use Nikon cameras. Their latest catalogue shows a beautiful photo of two polar bears touching noses with the line, ‘Nature is full of moments of timeless beauty, to be captured before they are gone forever.’ Nikon should know because they are contributing to their disappearance.

Nikon produce a riflescope specifically designed for killing ‘large game’ – the Monarch African. They boast: “Africa has long been a continent of dreams and for hunters around the world. For those seeking their dangerous game adventure on the Dark Continent.”

Trophy hunters have contributed to a massive 50 per cent decline in lion populations in the past three decades and lions may soon be declared an endangered species.

Most of their market is in the US where Nikon produce riflescopes designed for turkey hunting and one called the Coyote Special. They say they are “… proud to introduce the first line of riflescopes built specifically for predator hunters”.

With just a trace of embarrassment, they have recently renamed their hunting website to one called ‘sports optics,’ have dispensed with the photos of grinning hunters holding up dead animals but still sell the same riflescopes.

Nikon also still sponsor hunting and in 2012 declared they were proud to be a strategic partner with Texas Trophy Hunters. Jon B. LaCorte, Sr Product Marketing Manager, praised the organisation as being a “… testament to the passion that drives us in a sport we hold so rich with tradition (Sic).”

On the other hand they say: “Nature is a gift to be appreciated, treasured” and at the same time do their best to obliterate it. 

Nikon catalogue 2008

Nikon's reputation as the camera maker of choice for many wildlife lovers is very much at odds with their attempts to sell hunting goods, as this magazine ad from 2012 shows.

Join us in telling Nikon to dump hunting and tell them why you will not touch their products until they do.

Complain to Nikon:

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Phone: 0330 123 0932

Write: Nikon UK Limited, 380 Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey KT2 5PR

Suggested email/letter

[If you have bought Nikon products in the past but are now boycotting the brand please add that to your message for even more impact]

"Dear Nikon

I was horrified to discover that you not only make cameras, but also produce equipment designed to help kill wild animals including riflescopes.

This is very much at odds with your publicity brochures that say nature should be captured with a camera before it is gone for ever. The fact that you are seemingly promoting the destruction of the very nature you purport to cherish is unforgivable hypocrisy.

I was especially dismayed to find out that you actively sponsor trophy hunters and actually produce a riflescope designed with the purpose of hunting ‘game’ such as lions and other large animals in Africa. Trophy hunters have contributed to a massive 50 per cent decline in lion populations in the past three decades and lions may soon be declared an endangered species. How can Nikon not only support this, but actually facilitate and promote it by producing equipment for this very purpose?

I am writing to let you know that I cannot with all good conscience buy Nikon products in the future whilst you sanction the destruction of the world’s wild animals. Please end your support of hunting and get back to what you do best – make great camera products.

Yours faithfully"

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Nikon in the can the exposure continues.

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