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Dodging dementia through diet
Viva!Health’s Veronika Powell looks at the evidence...
What elephant...?
Tony Wardle casts an eye over the recent onslaught of news and finds something missing
Media Life
Tony reviews some of the latest media coverage of Viva! and our investigations.
Viva! Poland dog rescue
Viva! Poland goes undercover to show the horrendous price paid by the little victims of puppy farming – and then rescues them!...
As part of its Face Off campaign, Friday, July 8, saw the launch of Viva!’s disturbing new film SWINE at The Trampery, Old Street, London. It was sold out and met with a standing ovation...
The Pig Project
When we go inside a pig farm, a cattle market or a broiler shed we often inadvertently invoke the law of unintended consequences. Things happen that were never intended or anticipated.
Big fat lies
The pro-fat crusade will continue because the meat and dairy industry has money and influence
Live longer and be less gassy
By how much would a simple, healthier diet reduce your risk of dying compared to a vegetarian and a vegan diet?
Hooray for old prunes
As women age and their oestrogen levels naturally drop, they are at risk of an increased bone loss, which can eventually result in osteoporosis – brittle bone disease...
Off your head with idealism

Off your head with idealism

It seems strange to think that there was a big chunk of my life when I never thought about animals dying in agonising pain to end up as a strip of brown stuff on my plate. That kind of thing seemed so normal.
Broccoli to the rescue
As a part of the Shanghai Women’s Health Study, scientists examined whether women who ate cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cabbage, watercress, rocket etc) before being diagnosed with lung cancer had better survival chances...
Better to start young
As part of a large population study stretching over decades, scientists analysed nutrition and health data from almost 45,000 women.
Pigs are one of the smartest animals on the planet – and one of the most abused Juliet Gellatley, founder & director of Viva! and zoologist, delves into their origins and discovers that factory-farmed pigs are essentially wild boar...
Meet the Big Killers Driving Species Loss

Meet the Big Killers Driving Species Loss

While scientists are still debating what killed the dinosaurs, the results are in on what is currently fuelling the decline of animal and plant species: overexploitation and agriculture.
Respect, Kelly, respect!
“Well, I’m happy to tell you that we have increased the amount of my initial target for you guys by £1,500 – the amount raised is £2514.75”. That on its own is amazing but how it was raised is even more so...
The World Health Organisation has just produced its healthy diet fact sheet .
Sausage-wielding extremists forced their way into a vegan café in Tbilisi, Georgia, and threw meat into diners' food...
It is with great sadness that we report the death of Michael (Mike) Maybury, at the age of 81 in his Portsmouth home.
Viva! Director visits Viva! Poland
Director Juliet Gellatley rounded off her recent visit to Viva! Poland with a talk on Why You Don’t Need Dairy to a packed house...
Market research company Mintel reckon that the number of vegan-labelled meals and ‘meal centres’ (cafés and restaurants) in Germany have increased more than 20-fold since 2011. The increase for vegetarian foods and cafés is seven-fold...
In the news: by Tony Wardle
Vegan Baileys: You either love it or hate it but BAILEY’S sickly sweet, toe-curlingly horrible, cream and whiskey ‘liqueur’ (okay, I don’t like it!) now has a vegan option. Made with almond milk, it is only available in the US as yet. Can’t wait! Chicken farm plans...
New Big Pig Report
Pig Farming – The Inside Story contains extraordinarily detailed research of the state of pig farming in Britain . It has facts, figures, science and eyewitness accounts taken from our numerous recent undercover investigations...
Dr Greger joins Viva!
We are delighted to announce that the awesome Dr Michael Greger has accepted the appointment of Honorary Scientific Adviser to Viva!. Michael has built an incredible global reputation with his free health advice website.
Email the Pope!
“Pope Francis, show your concern for creation by condemning the bullfight and directing that your Bishops officially proclaim your condemnation”. The petition couldn’t be clearer and is being promoted by Virginia Bell of Catholic Action for Animals. If you wish to support it, you...