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Fifty Shades of Green!

Well, no actually. Important as these are they’re fairly pale shades of green and save about 960 Kg of greenhouse...


We say: “Tesco previously ignored reptile experts’ evidence of cruelty and statements that the trade in turtles contributed to the decimation of wild stocks.  This cruel trade in live animals would have never been acceptable in Britain, yet presumably these profits came back to fill Tesco’s coffers in this country. So we welcome the chain finally making the ethical move to stop selling live turtles in their stores in China. It shows that sustained consumer pressure really does work.”

Everyday slavery

Everyday slavery

Have you ever wondered what a cattle auction’s like? I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’- simply because they take place in secluded places, great big halls far from our ‘normal’ life and most of us don’t know anything about their existence. So I decided to pay...
Meat Myths

Meat Myths

Can meat be part of a healthy diet? Do vegans miss out? Why do some go back to eating meat? What are the environmental and ethical issues? Should we eat meat? Twelve per cent of UK adults are vegetarian or vegan, one in eight meat-eaters would like to eat less meat1 and the meat-free food market is...

Actor Peter Egan back our foie-gras campaign!

Actor Peter Egan - famous for his roles in such well-loved TV shows as Downton Abbey and Ever Decreasing Circles...
The French Paradox Puzzle and the Magic Bullet

The French Paradox Puzzle and the Magic Bullet

Apparently it is now cheese that is responsible for the French Paradox Puzzle rather than red wine! This revelation has made the headlines in the national press and of course is doing the rounds on social media. It refers to a small-scale Danish study funded by the large farmer-owned dairy company...

The Incredible Vegan Roadshow comes to Hereford!

All welcome: vegans, veggies and those simply looking to cut down on meat

Big Green Week: The Big Benefits of Going Meat & Dairy-Free

The Big Benefits of Going Meat & Dairy-Free

All welcome! Free entry Talk and Cookery Demo

The Big Health Benefits of Going Meat & Dairy-Free
Talk by Juliet Gellatley, the founder and director of Viva! and nutritional therapist.

The Big Health Benefits are many - reducing the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes, lowering blood pressure, raising energy levels and libido. But why and how?!

Swansea Vegfest

Environment Centre, Pier Street, Swansea SA1 1RY

A free event celebrating all things vegetarian and vegan, open to anyone interested in exploring alternatives to meat and dairy. Free samples, information and advice, talks and a wide variety of stalls.

Why I'll Always be Vegan.

Why I'll Always be Vegan.

IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT I don’t find investigating factory farms easy. It does not matter how many times I have clambered over fences in the thick of night drawing towards some ominous concrete ugliness, I always feel a sickness in the pit of my belly. It’s not just the thought of...
Viva! virtually destroyed the trade in ‘exotic’ meats in Britain 15 years ago, as many of you will remember. Supermarkets tripped over themselves to clear their shelves of dead wildlife but unfortunately, one of them has again raised the spectre of wildlife being put up for sale. We are...