Viva!Health attends the first plant-based medical conference in the UK | Viva!

Viva!Health attends the first plant-based medical conference in the UK

The first event of its kind in the UK

On Friday, 23 March 2018, around 200 health professionals gathered in King’s College Hospital in London to attend Nutrition in Medicine conference, the first of its kind in the UK. The aim of the event was to highlight the role of wholefood plant-based nutrition in the prevention and reversal of diseases caused by lifestyle. And of course, Viva!Health couldn’t miss it! We had a wealth of resources to offer and our nutrition expert, Veronika Powell, had a chance to talk to many health professionals from a variety of backgrounds.

The lecture topics included heart disease, cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, women’s health, diabetes and public health. Both speakers and attendees shared their knowledge and experience of treating a range of diseases through wholefood vegan diets, different approaches to changing people’s lifestyles and success stories.

The conference was a great success and Viva!Health materials virtually flew off the table. The next one is being planned for June and it seems the interest is so big, there will be a third one soon!

See more details and speakers’ presentations at Plant Based Health Professionals UK.

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