In February 2017, footage obtained by Viva! Campaigns exposed an intensive factory farm, Lambrook Pig Unit, revealing truly dismal conditions. However, following the investigation and over one year later the farm has now closed.

Lambrook Pig Unit

In a major exposé, the Daily Mail reported that slurry from Lambrook farm was pumped to a nearby green power plant and converted into biogas – some of which was burnt to make electricity for the national grid and the firm Good Energy.

At Lambrook Pig Unit (Crockway Farms), located in Somerset, ‘fattening’ pigs destined for the dinner table were shown to be living in shockingly squalid conditions. The disturbing footage revealed both dead and alive pigs lying in their own excreta with the only mental simulation for these intelligent animals being chains hanging from the ceiling. Sadly, this lack of real environmental enrichment is entirely legal.

Viva! immediately reported concerns to the authorities and more than 12 months later have still not received a response. Unfortunately the lack in communication is not surprising. In our experience it is rare for us to receive responses - even rarer for there to be a prosecution.

After being made aware of the terrible conditions, the farm was audited by Red Tractor, (who supposedly promote and regulate food quality in England, Northern Ireland and Wales), and passed! So much for claims of Britain having the best animal welfare in the world.

Following Viva! Campaigns’ investigation Lambrook Pig Unit is now closed. When questioned about the reason for the closure, JMW Farming refused to comment. However, in light of the footage obtained by Viva! Campaigns and the extensive coverage in the Daily Mail, the closure is more than likely due to negative exposure.

Juliet Gellatley, Viva!’s founder and director,  says: “The pigs at Lambrook Farm were condemned to a short existence living amongst their own waste, and sometimes with the dead. The very bare minimum was being done to remain inside the law, but the conditions were appalling.

“We are delighted to discover that following our investigation the farm is now closed. However, millions of animals around the UK are incarcerated in similar hellholes. The only way to stop this abhorrent industry is to reject factory farming and try vegan.”

 Viva! are at the forefront of exposing the reality of British factory farming. Please help us continue our important work by becoming a supporter today. Click here for more information.

Click here to read the full Daily Mail article or see Viva!’s investigation page here.

Please don't support the pig industry with your custom. Try vegan


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