VIDEO: Vigil Day 2: Transporter takes six month old pigs from Hogwood Horror Farm to the slaughterhouse | Viva!

VIDEO: Vigil Day 2: Transporter takes six month old pigs from Hogwood Horror Farm to the slaughterhouse

From Juliet: "It is day two of the vigil outside Hogwood Horror Farm

Lizzie filmed the pigs loaded on to a transporter. I find this so upsetting. Seeing the very pigs I filmed six weeks ago now in a lorry. Lacerations across their abused bodies. So innocent. They don't know their young life is about to end.

This is the same journey millions of British pigs take at just six months old every year."


Viva! Campaigns exposed shocking scenes of suffering on the farm in The Sunday Mirror.

If this angers or saddens you too - there are things you can do:

Sign the petition to shut down Hogwood Horror Farm:

Support Dave and Lizzie’s Walk for Hope:

Don’t buy into pig cruelty. Try vegan:

If you're vegan, share this campaign and join Viva!

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In an open letter to Bill Gates, Viva! asks Bill Gates to put his mouth where his money is and support going vegan for the planet.

Open letter to Bill Gates

I read, with some dismay, your blog Is There Enough Meat for Everyone? I see that this was written some time ago and hope that you have since changed your position to one more in keeping with current thinking.

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Many of you have been following Viva!’s Hogwood campaign, in which we expose the appalling conditions found on an intensive pig farm in Warwickshire...


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