Veganuary | Viva!


Want to eat nothing but ridiculously tasty food for the whole of January?

Are you veggie, but vegan-curious? Vegan already but know someone who could do with a little vegan love? Why not pledge to eat delicious vegan food, for every meal this January.

Veganury is almost upon us. So now is the perfect time to sign up to this great initiative, shed those extra Xmas pounds, and feel amazing for the New Year!

Going vegan will save animals; improve your energy and mood, lifting your spirits when those post-holiday blues set in. And we'll be there to hold your hand, pat you on the back, and generally be super supportive (should you need us).

If you’re not currently vegan:

This is the perfect opportunity to try! Veganuary’s great resource of recipes, health and nutrition tips, and loads of other useful stuff will help guide you through …. It couldn’t be simpler with a 31 full days’ worth of menu ideas.

If you are vegan:

Sign up anyway and gain access to an excellent list recipes and meal ideas. But why not challenge a friend, or family member? The perfect New Year’s resolution.

And it just gets better. Viva! is Veganuary’s chosen charity this year, which means every person who signs up is supporting our lifesaving campaigns in 2014. Win win!

Find out more and how you can get involved at