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Try 30 Day Vegan this January!

Try 30 Day Vegan this January!

Veganism is now booming and Viva!’s new campaign hastens the revolution, making it easy for everyone to create delicious meals.

Viva!’s new website offers all the information you could ever need to go vegan. This free comprehensive
vegan resource includes daily meal plans and recipes for a whole 30 days as well as health and nutrition advice and motivational support!

To access all of the recipes, simply sign up at where you will be sent a code which will enable you to view each of the daily recipes.

This simple, practical information can also be sent in convenient daily email updates which have been meticulously created by Viva!’s dedicated food team.

Each email includes breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes as well as health and shopping tips!


Don’t panic – we know not everyone wants to cook from scratch. So we have created a simplified version of the 30 Day Vegan meal plan called Can’t Cook, Won’t Cook. It makes vegan cooking a breeze!

Our expert foodies have created this deliciously simple alternative meal plan that uses store- bought, pre-made and convenience foods. Recipes include easily available products from companies such as Linda McCartney, Violife, Fry’s and others! With thousands of people making the switch to a cruelty- free lifestyle, there has never been a better time to go vegan to save animals, the planet and your own health! Viva! knows that by the end of the 30 days you’ll feel amazingly energised and inspired!

We’d love to see your foody creations so please share them with us on social media. You can post on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles using #30dayvegan. Sign up to one or both of the FREE meal plans by visiting

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