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Robin Hood Says No to Cruel Calf Exports!

Robin Hood International Airport back down due to public pressure

After a 10 year hiatus, and despite huge public opposition, Britain's unwanted male dairy calves are once again being shipped long distances to suffer in Continental veal crates. Since this vile trade resumed on May 5th, thousands of tiny calves have been exported through the port at Dover. The Government has now given the go ahead for exporters to fly calves to the Continent, paving the way for even more calves to suffer the terror of transport and the misery of a veal farm.

However, Robin Hood International Airport, near Doncaster, despite insisting that they were going start flying calves out imminently, have backed down due to huge public pressure!

Thank you to everyone who sent polite messages to Robin Hood IA. Once again, people power has won the day - and a victory for the calves - but we must never be complacent, and we will be on the look out for any other airport that considers joining this barbaric trade.

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