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Mega pig prisons

The mega pig prisons are on their way unless we ACT NOW!

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Objection period has now been extended. Object TODAY

Piggles makes a special delivery!: Acting Chief Executive of Derbyshire County Council, Andy Stephenson (left), accepts thousands of objections from Viva! supporters. Right is James Davies of Foston Community Forum (July 22 2013). Read more.

Derbyshire County Council will soon decide the fate of plans for what would be one of the largest pig farms Britain has ever known. At any one time, around 26,000 will be housed indoors in a vast factory farm designed with one purpose: to get them from birth to the slaughterhouse as efficiently as possible.

Viva! supporters helped delay plans a few years ago, but now is crunch time and big business is watching. If Foston goes ahead it could be the green light for similar factory farms of this size across Britain. The plans have been slightly amended, so even if you have objected before please do so again using our handy form. It only takes a few clicks to stand up for animals with Viva!. Find out more and how you can object.