Hope Not Hell: Who doesn't like a good belly rub? Rescue pigs love 'em! | Viva!

Hope Not Hell: Video launch

New series of social media videos compares lives of factory farmed pigs to those safe on sanctuaries. Please share!

Following the huge success of our Bring Hope to Millions cinema ad, over the coming weeks Viva! will be launching a series of powerful social media videos comparing the lives of animals on factory farms with that of animals who are free and loved.

They are really impactful and most of all - they work well at helping meat eaters see the truth.

We have just published our first video! A new one will be published across social media each Thursday night at 8pm for the next four weeks. Please share far and wide!

Watch the first one below asking who prefers belly rubs?


Find out more about our campaign here: www.viva.org.uk/hope-not-hell/videos

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