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Britain Takes a Big Step Towards Going foie-gras free!

Viva! Day of Action

Viva! and Exeter's Friends for Animals protest against the use of foie-gras outside a local eatery with Viva!'s new giant duck

On Saturday December 15, 2007 hundreds of animals lovers took to the streets to tell the public about the cruelty inherent in one of farming's most brutal practices - the production of foie-gras.  Many thousands of postcards were sent and there were peaceful protests outside of restaurants and establishments selling this delicacy of despair right across the country.  We are getting positive feedback that many have bowed to consumer pressure and have taken foie-gras off the shelves - for good!  Those that haven't are finding that ethical consumers are avoiding them like the plague - and thanks to Viva! supporters there's more ethical consumers out there than ever before.

The response from the public was phenomenal, with many pledging not to buy foie-gras at Christmas - or at any time of the year. The campaign was essential to building consumer awareness - which in turn saves animals lives. If you took part, thank you. However, it's not too late to get involved with the campaign to make Britain foie-gras. Click here to find out how.

We were busy at Viva!, too. Our new giant duck mascot Jake (fighting for bird justice everywhere!) took to the streets and made flying protests to places selling foie-gras in Exeter (Michael Caines), Manchester (Selfridges), London (Fortnum & Mason), as well as petitioning the people of Bath to drop foie-gras. Jake was also present in Bristol when we launched our campaign to persuade the council to follow the leads of York and Bolton by going foie-gras free. More news when we get it!

We are meeting with the heads of hotel chains to try and persuade them to dump foie-gras. We are also supporting people who want to ban foie-gras where they live. Click here for full details on our how to do this (we've taken most of the leg work out of it for you!). 

Please join us on our quest to make Britain foie-gras free! Order your FREE materials today.

About foie-gras


A million birds die on French farms during force feeding every year

The law in France stipulates that foie-gras can only be sold as French if it comes from male ducklings and is the product of force-feeding. Around 38 million ducks and (and 700,000 geese) are killed in France each year for this purpose. As only male ducklings are used, as many females are either gassed at a few days old or thrown alive into electric mincers.

Birds raised for this 'gourmet' cruelty are force-fed enormous quantities of food through a long metal pipe, two or three times a day. Most are caged during this torment. This process of deliberate and painful over-feeding continues for up to a month by which time the birds' livers have swelled to ten times their normal size. This is so unnatural that around a million birds die during force-feeding before they even get to the slaughterhouse.

Foie-gras is not produced in Britain, as the Government has made it clear that its production would contravene existing animal welfare regulations. The fact that we import tons of it annually into this country makes a mockery of our animal welfare laws.