Breaking News!: Sainsbury's dump kangaroo meat | Viva!

Breaking News!: Sainsbury's dump kangaroo meat

Britain’s second largest supermarket will stop selling kangaroo meat after thousands of people expressed their concerns. Thank you for signing the petition asking them to stop. You are a hero for animals!

Wildlife groups in Australia have asked us to express their heartfelt thanks for your help in protecting kangaroos and their joeys.

Sainsbury’s were telling customers the kangaroo meat they sell was "100 per cent welfare friendly", but ignored that up to a million kangaroos are miss-shot each year in the Australian Outback away from scrutiny. They ignored the baby kangaroos (joeys) pulled from their dying mother’s pouch to be decapitated or stamped on. And glossed over the still dependent adolescents shot and dumped or left to die from predation or hunger without the protection of their parents. We presented them with the information and now they have announced that they are no longer selling kangaroo meat!

Sadly, they are still under threat because two UK supermarket chains persist in kangaroo meat. Add your voice to tell them to stop and follow Sainsbury’s lead:

Complain to Lidl

Complain to Iceland

We get things done together! Please support our campaigns with a donation. If you aren’t already, please join Viva! today. We have strength together for animals!

Find out more about the barbaric trade in kangaroo products and the special threats it poses to the survival of the species

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Photo of joeys courtesy of Stella Reid.

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