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Dairy is scary but the dairy industry are scared!

Dairy is scary but the dairy industry are scared!

Government watchdog backs vegan claims that “humane milk a myth”...
From Juliet: "It is day two of the vigil outside Hogwood Horror Farm Lizzie filmed the pigs loaded on to a transporter. I find this so upsetting. Seeing the very pigs I filmed six weeks ago now in a lorry. Lacerations across their abused bodies. So innocent. They don't know their young...
Grisly remains were found at a woods near Hogwood Farm (which has been reported to the authorities). Watch Juliet's emotional account .....
Watch footage from Viva! Campaigns' peaceful vigil outside Hogwood Horror Pig Farm on 10 July 2017. Find out why we are demanding they hand over CCTV footage of the night of the investigation .....
Listen to Juliet destroy the propaganda from the British pig industry, who try and downplay the findings of Viva! Campaigns' legal investigation into the horrors she uncovered at Hogwood Pig farm...
Viva! is organising a peaceful demonstration with local activists outside Hogwood Pig Farm, Warwickshire, following their shocking investigation released in the Sunday Mirror on the widespread neglect and abuse of pigs there.

INVESTIGATION: Hogwood Farm, Warwickshire

Hogwood Farm is a horror farm in Warwickshire housing 15,000 pigs. It is one of the largest pig farms Viva! has ever seen. Conditions there for pigs are so appalling we have launched a campaign urging supporters to TAKE ACTION and help...

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Viva! is very disappointed at the Welsh Government’s decision to implement a limited ‘cull’ of badgers on farms next year with persistent instances of bovine TB. Badgers will be trapped and ones found to have the disease will be killed. Wales has previously rejected badger ‘...
Britain’s second largest supermarket will stop selling kangaroo meat after thousands of people expressed their concerns. Thank you for signing the petition asking them to stop. You are a hero for animals!...
Earlier this year, an exciting partnership began between Viva! and Dean Farm Animal Sanctuary.
Nottingham Viva! Vegan Festival

Thousands flock to the Nottingham Viva! Vegan Festival

Viva! held their first vegan festival at Nottingham’s Conference Centre Burton Street on Saturday 5 May.

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BBC Radio 4 Farming Today: Vegan debate

BBC Radio 4 Farming Today: vegan debate

Juliet Gellatley debates veganism and farming on BBC Radio 4's Farming Today on April 29th, 2017. Click to listen to the debate here. 

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Thirty-six million laying hens were very much at the forefront of our minds this Easter. We took our innovative six-foot display boards to three major cities - Bristol, London and Birmingham - to urge consumers to stop for a minute and reflect on the lives of the animals producing what is commonly...
Thai cakes

Thai cakes

These smell incredible, I love them, they’re amazing… try them!! Before I begin talking about this oriental dish I do have a confession to make: Sweet potato is perhaps my least favourite food. However, I’m happy to announce that my feelings on sweet potato have taken a complete...

Jerome Flynn from Game of Thrones

Jerome talks to Juliet Gellatley on Viva! Radio.

Exclusive interview with Game of Thrones & Ripper St actor Jerome Flynn

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The Eyes of Pigs. Viva! Joins Bristol’s 5th Pig Save

The Eyes of Pigs. Viva! Joins Bristol’s 5th Pig Save

Last week, Viva! joined up with compassionate local activists at the 5th Bristol Animal Save event outside an abattoir operated by Tulip in Bristol.