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What you can do

Help stop the suffering - Take Action!

  • Don't eat turkeys

    The most effective step that you can take is to stop eating turkey and to ask your family to have a meat-free Christmas. Contact Viva! for free vegan Christmas recipe leaflets - view them online here.

  • Give out our leaflets

    Please help Viva! bring peace to ALL animals this Christmas by distributing Viva! leaflets through doors in your neighbourhood.

    Contact Viva! liam@viva.org.uk for free leaflets.

  • Hold a demo

    Give out leaflets outside your local supermarkets and butchers shops. Contact Viva! liam@viva.org.uk for posters to make placards and to put in your window at home.

  • Find out more

    For more info on turkeys and for information on how to go vegan and other campaigns, look on our website or phone or write to Viva! for a free vegan info pack.