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Green party - real progressElect an ambassador of animals rights at the Euros

Vote Green for a louder voice for animals

Animals continue to be used, abused, and needlessly killed by humans in the name of science, sport, fashion, and increasingly - intensive farming. If you have little faith in existing politicians' ability to effect change and are unhappy with their policies on animal welfare issues, you can register your protest by voting Green at the European Elections on June 10th.

Greens want an end to animal experimentation and real investment in non-animal chemical testing. They believe that real progress is not farm animals growing faster than their hearts can stand, or cows producing drugs instead of milk.

David Taylor, the Party's leading Euro Election candidate for the South Western region, says: "Factory farming takes place behind closed doors. People don't see the cruelty. We see attractively packaged food. We're divorced from the reality of what really goes into factory farmed food.  A lot of the rules governing animal welfare are laid down at EU level. Greens are using their influence in the European Parliament to outlaw the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals."

The Green Party is the only party working to eliminate the wholesale exploitation of other species and fostering greater understanding of our inter-relationship with the web of life.

By voting Green in the Euros there is a real chance of electing a Green Party politician because this election is conducted on a system of proportional representation (PR). PR allows voters the chance to vote for a party that genuinely reflects their views, rather than a lesser evil. It's a list system where parties get the same proportion of seats as votes. Furthermore, Green MEPs have real powers as more and more legislation is decided at EU level.

Four years ago the Green Party's Dr Caroline Lucas was elected to the European Parliament. Since then, she has helped increase funding for the validation of non-animal test methods. Together with fellow London Green MEP Jean Lambert, she has campaigned against the trade in meat from endangered species, the import of cat and dog fur, intensive factory farming, and towards ending live animal exports. Greens in the London Assembly have brought about an Animal Protection Officer for London.

Even if casting a Green vote does not elect a Green MEP, it sends a signal to the other (grey) parties that people want Green Party policies. One thing is certain. If you don't vote for what you want, you're never going to get it.

Your vote really counts in the June elections. By not voting you are letting other people choose your political representatives for you.

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