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Write the supermarkets!

All the UK's supermarkets sell factory farmed ducks - the only exception is Waitrose which now only sells 'free-range' ducks that now have access to water for swimming (although flock sizes of up to 4,000 show that this is still intensive farming). Marks & Spencer also have free-range ducks for their fresh meat range, but it is still a far cry from what is natural for what are still essentially wild water birds.

Write to the supermarkets today:

"Dear ****

As a customer of yours, I am writing to express my strong concern about the sale of duck meat from ducklings raised on factory farms. Ducks, whose lifespan in the wild would be over 10 years, are slaughtered at just seven weeks. On these factory farms it is not unusual to find dead and dying ducklings amongst the living, their bodies littered throughout the dirty and stinking sheds where they are kept. With thousands of birds crammed into a single building and no water in which to clean themselves properly, it is inevitable that they suffer stress from sores, filthy feathers, eye infections and even blindness. Some are bred to be so heavy that they become crippled, and have to drag themselves along by their wings.

Ducks are still essentially wild animals so please help to end their torment and stop selling duck. I look forward to your response.

Yours sincerely"

[Your name and address]


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