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Current campaigns

This page lists what we are focussing on at the moment. Act today to save animals. Please support our important work by donating or joining Viva! today.

Tesco drops turtles!

Tesco has confirmed that it has stopped selling live turtles in its stores in China! This comes after a long, 8 year campaign by Viva!. Thank you to everyone who has written to Tesco and helped secure this important victory. Read the coverage in the Daily Mail. Read more about this success.

The annual slaughter of kangaroos in Australia is brutal and is the biggest of its type in the world. Millions are shot every year and some are now ending up on British supermarket shelves. We recently persuaded Tesco to dump kangaroo meat again, but Iceland, Lidl and Morrisons currently still sell it.

Baby joeys are pulled from their dying mother’s pouch to be decapitated or have their little heads caved in. Then they are then simply discarded as trash. What a terrible way to treat a mother and her baby. Wild populations of kangaroos are vulnerable to collapse – yet the killing continues for a ‘novelty’ meat no one needs.

Recently, I again accompanied our brave undercover teams to farms belonging to Faccenda. They are one of Britain’s largest chicken suppliers and even though I have investigated twice before, nothing can prepare you for it. I always hope things have changed but they never have. Watch our shocking footage here.

94 per cent of all animals slaughtered and eaten each year in Britain are chickens. That horrifies us and is why we have launched our Life is Cheep? campaign. We have also recently held a Day of Action against Nando's, encouraging people to chose vegan options instead.

Britain's Hardest Working Mother

Dairy cows have their newborn babies snatched away so we can drink their milk. Impregnated again two months later and producing extremely high amounts of milk, their bodies are under so much strain they are exhausted by the age of five. Help us break this cycle of suffering and say no to milk!

Viva! have gone undercover to film what really goes into your pint of milk from the shooting of unwanted bull calves to the painful mutilations of the dairy goat industry. We are also busy campaigning to let consumers know that milk is the wrong stuff - and we're healthier without it! We also provide practical help to dump dairy and go vegan.

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Plucky mascot Piggles has been sticking up for pigs across the UK! Most pigs in Britain are factory farmed - and even those who aren't live very short lives. The majority of sows are confined for weeks of the year in restrictive cages so small they can't even turn around.

Most piglets in Britain suffer painful mutilations shortly after birth. Please join us in asking for these mutilations to be outlawed. We have also been campaigning to stop what would be one of Britain's largest ever pig farms being built in Foston as well as encouraging people to object to plans for two mega pig farms in Northern Ireland. We continue to tell people the best way to help pigs - and all farmed animals - is to stop eating them. 

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Dump dairy. Save a badger.

Sadly, badgers were recently shot in two areas of England as part of a terminally misguided attempt to control TB in cattle. They were scapegoats for farmers' failings and outrageous political backslapping. Viva! is one of the only groups calling for people to dump dairy to save badgers.

Find out more about Viva!'s campaigns for badgers and please pledge to boycott dairy today. Over 4,000 people have already pledged to dump dairy to save badgers - costing the industry an estimated £2.7 million a year so far!

Our undercover investigators have been inside two of Britain's biggest chick hatcheries. Male chick killing, female mutilations and intensive, cramped conditions - all part of the egg industry. Find out more and watch the shocking footage.

Our investigators also exposed why buying free-range or eggs from so-called 'enriched' cages is not the answer.

We have also exposed the horrendous conditions on factory farms for chickens raised for meat.

Wildlife in under threat! Kangaroos are hunted in Australia, with their baby joeys discarded as trash in the dirt. Crocodiles are factory farmed in what are essentially concrete coffins. We stamped out the British ostrich industry, but now some stores are trying to reintroduce it.

We are currently trying to get Lidl to drop kangaroo meat. They are the only store in Britain that sells it - as our campaigns stopped all others. We've almost won against the football manufacturers, who have all but dropped kangaroo leather because of Viva! and our supporters. Help us get them to stop completely.

Each year in the Forest of Dean wild boar are being hunted and shot. They are blamed for everything from environmental degradation to aggression to other animals and humans. However, this is merely a smoke-screen for a disastrous and terminally misguided environmental policy. Tell them to end the 'boar war'.

Hamish and Dougal photos

See wonderful new photos of Hamish, Dougal and William loving their new life at Hillside Animal Sanctuary. The boys are settling in beautifully - thanks only to your generosity and supporter Heidi Stephenson's determination to save them last year.

Cruel Britannia

Are you sick of hearing that Britain has the best animal welfare in the world? We are ...

Viva!'s investigators have shone a light into every recess of factory farming in Britain and what we have found may shock you. The institutionalised abuse of animals does not just happen abroad it happens on Britain's factory farms, too, and is routine. What our shocking short film will show you is exactly what happens behind closed doors to keep the shelves stocked with meat, eggs and dairy. What is the answer? Simple. Go vegan – or at least take steps towards that goal. We are here to help.