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Cruel Britannia: Life and Death on UK Factory Farms

This film demands to be seen by every consumer in Britain. Please watch and share with everyone you know! Watch Cruel Britannia now.

Cruel Britannia

Are you sick of hearing that Britain has the best animal welfare in the world? We are ...

Viva!’s investigators have shone a light into every recess of factory farming in Britain and what we have found may shock you. The institutionalised abuse of animals does not just happen abroad it happens on Britain’s factory farms, too, and often by the biggest names. What our shocking short film will show you is exactly what happens behind closed doors to keep the shelves stocked with meat, eggs and dairy.

In Britain today, most chickens, ducks and turkeys are factory farmed in massive industrial sheds. Very few ever go outside and are killed at just weeks or months old. Viva!’s undercover footage shows that free-range farming is often a lie and is now so intensive that it is often indistinguishable from factory farming. Millions of male chicks are gassed or thrown alive into electric mincers because they are the wrong sex to lay eggs.

The majority of sows in Britain are confined to crates so small they can’t even turn around for five weeks at a time. Most of their baby piglets are painfully mutilated without anaesthetic.

Dairy cows suffer the dual burden of being pregnant and milked – as well as having her baby taken away from her year on year so people can drink her milk. If her baby is the wrong sex to produce milk then the chances are he will be shot in the head at a few days old. His mother will be sent to the slaughterhouse at around 5 years old as soon as she is no longer profitable. Goats and other animals farmed for their milk suffer mutilations and confinement.

How do we know? We’ve filmed it all on British farms. And now you can see the truth for yourself with Viva!’s Cruel Britannia film.

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Cruel Britannia features footage from some of the biggest UK names in meat and dairy production. Including Cadbury's (milk); Happy Eggs; Bernard Matthews (turkeys); Gressingham Foods (ducks); Delamere Dairies (goat's milk); Faccenda (chickens) and more.


What can I do?

Go vegan (or at least take steps and move in that direction). Modern animal farming can only exist by sustaining these practices. Do not give them your custom

Get active. Fight factory farming


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