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Sadly, most people do not know that the egg that they put on the morning table plays a part in the deaths of up to 40 million infant animals a year - and that hens suffer too; both in intensive and many so-called free range systems.

Get active to fight cruelty!

British egg industry exposés

Viva! has lifted the lid on the secretive British egg industry with a series of ground-breaking exposés. Forget the pastoral pictures on supermarket egg boxes. What we uncovered were scenes of confinement, mutilation, early death (in the case of male chicks at just a day or two old) and disease.

Egg leaflet

View our challenging and thought-provoking new leaflet (paid for by your generosity) that will take these important issues to the public. With your help we can get leaflets to Easter shoppers or door-drop locally to raise awareness).

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