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Sample letter - local newspaper

Sample letter to your local newspaper about live exports

To the letters’ editor

After a 10 year hiatus, Europe’s lifting of the ban on British beef imports means our infant dairy calves are once again making the long and terrifying journey to veal farms of Europe. 75 per cent of the British public claim to be against this trade, but how many know that it is their desire for milk that drives it?

During the beef export ban, up to 500,000 newborn male dairy calves were shot in the head every year in the UK. Unable to produce milk and too scrawny for beef – it is these little unwanted by-products of milk production who will now form the bulk of live exports to Europe.

And it’s not only dairy calves who suffer. Dairy cows are the only farmed animals to bear the dual burden of pregnancy and lactation, simultaneously nurturing a growing calf inside them while producing up to 120 pints of milk a day. This merciless workload renders their bodies useless at only five years old – when they could naturally reach twenty.

The Government supports this cruel and callous trade – and has missed every opportunity to end it. However, consumers have the power to stop live exports. For people cutting cruelty from their diet – dairy should be the first to go!

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