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Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has supported Viva! since its launch in October 1994.  He is a passionate vegetarian and believes strongly in Viva!’s campaigns to save animals and to promote vegetarianism.  After the sad death of Linda, Paul very kindly chose Viva!’s magazine, Viva!Life, as the forum for his first interview. He knew that the interview would be repeated worldwide – giving massive publicity to Viva! and to his views on vegetarianism.

For far too long, the animals have had no voice to speak on their behalf and the years of silence have muted their screams. Now, through organisations like Viva!, those who truly care about animals can be their voice and can spread the word worldwide against the cruelties done against them in the name of diet. Stop eating animals and lend your voice too to our call for a better, kinder world. 

In 1999, Paul chose Viva!’s founder and director, Juliet Gellatley to receive the Daily Mirror’s first Pride of Britain Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare. In fact, it was at this event that he first saw his then wife-to-be, Heather Mills. The award again gave Viva! and its work to end factory farming a great publicity boost.

Paul was photographed by his daughter, Mary, wearing Viva! T-shirts – and these have been used repeatedly to promote vegetarianism. He also agreed to be filmed for the launch of Viva! USA in 2000 and for Viva!’s riveting and passionate film against factory farming, Not In My Name. Thousands of copies have been distributed in Britain.

Paul supports many Viva! campaigns – giving quotes to campaign materials such as Pig In Hell, Under Fire (to save kangaroos from slaughter for meat and skin), Sentenced to Death (against slaughter), Ducks out of Water, Journey to Death (stopping the live export of horses for meat) and It’s Time to go Veggie.

Livestock farming is one of the biggest destroyers of the planet. When you see the Amazon being cut down for hamburger cattle, that's pretty obvious. What isn't so obvious is the drying up of the water table and rivers in the US and elsewhere. Animals use up huge amounts of water and their are billions of them. And it's all done in the name of something that benefits humans when in fact it's the opposite. It's all about attitudes, no one thinks they're the one who has to change. Take Prince Philip -  President of a wildlife organisation shooting birds, that's hypocrisy. It's not even sport. They choose a bird that doesn't even fly great, a pheasant. Let's see him try and shoot swallows, they're not so easy to catch. 

I am strongly opposed to the factory farming of pigs and wholeheartedly support Viva!’s campaign to end it 

There is an urgent need for action to protect kangaroos from a barbaric industry. Please do all you can to help Viva! end this shameful massacre. 

I love horses and have great respect for them as beautiful, sensitive animals. They have been an important part of my life and have enriched it greatly. I believe they have the right to be treated with kindness, respect and love, for all they have done for the human race. 

Once again Viva! exposes a new horror – duck factory farming. I defy anyone with the smallest amount of compassion to look at the facts unearthed by Viva! and not be upset by them. 

You don’t need anyone’s permission to go veggie! Do it and help to end cruelty to animals, help the environment, give a boost to the world’s starving and improve your health.

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