Kerry McCarthy - Labour MP from 2005 - present | Viva!

Kerry McCarthy - Labour MP from 2005 - present

Kerry McCarthy is a Labour Party politician and MP for Bristol East. She has been vegan since 1992 and was vegetarian 10 years prior to that. Kerry is a Viva! supporter and very outspoken on vegan issues. On World Vegan Day in 2011, Kerry along with two fellow vegan MPs Chris Williamson and Cathy jamieson, set out the case for becoming vegan in Parliament. This resulted in World Vegan Month, where restaurants in the House of Commons promoted vegan options and had a Vegan Loyalty Card - if 9 vegan meals were bought they got one free.

"People are increasingly turning to a plant-based lifestyle and I would encourage people who are considering cutting meat out of their diet to visit the Viva! website and to come along to VegFest in Bristol in May, where they can sample lots of vegan food and learn more about reasons for going vegan."