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Joanne Rose

Rose is CEO of Vegan Vision Productions, a production company which creates and produces original female-driven comedy for Web and TV.

The first project for Vegan Vision Productions is Vegan 101, the world's first vegan comedy series on the web which launched online in mid 2009. Created, written and starring Rose; a vegan since 1994. The show consists of exaggerated parodies of veganism from all walks of life in various situations through stand alone sketches to combine humor and vegan knowledge.

Rose is the author of the children's book Tommy Tofu Saves The Day. The character appears in the webisode Rawman and Green Girl Meet Frankenfood from the award-winning animated series The Adventures of Rawman and Green Girl. Rose also performs the voice of Candy Cacao in the episode Rawman vs The Pasteurizer by Gilmomedia.

She studied at The Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in Los Angeles and is a member of The International Academy of Web Television, comprising leaders in the field of web television, web video and the digital entertainment industry.

I was a Vegetarian briefly before going vegan in 1994. Once I became aware of the harsh realities of the dairy industry too, I became a vegan instantly."
Joanne Rose