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Joanna Lumley

It was in her days as a drama student that Joanna, the wonderfully popular and outspoken defender of animals, became vegetarian. She showed in the Avengers that she could be wonderfully sultry as Purdy and in Absolutely Fabulous, displayed what a brilliant comedy actress she is. She claims that her diet keeps her healthy. "I’m not ill – I’m never ill.  I travel all over the world and go to places like India and I eat my wonderful fruits and vegetables and I never get hippy tummy. I couldn’t possibly have it any other way." 
 You just had to be thin as thin and the craze diet was steak and grapefruit. I remember cutting into a steak and for the first time in my stupid life, I realised I was cutting flesh. That was it! Now, I feel absolutely sick when I think of the things we do to animals and to anyone who claims we have the best welfare in the world, I would say: ‘Who says so?’ We can end cruelty to animals and Viva! is right there, with a V at its front, spearheading into the future. Go Viva! .
 When I think of factory farming I think of sows gnawing at bars as they descend into madness. Viva! has my support. 
 There is an urgent need to stop live horse export for meat once and for all. People must take action and support Viva!’s campaign to end the suffering. 
 Viva! has grown rapidly from nothing and it is now making real changes – to the way people think about animals and what they choose to eat. I’m right behind them. 

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