Hazel O’Connor | Viva!

Hazel O’Connor


British singer-songwriter and actress, became famous in the early 1980s with hit singles "Eighth Day", "D-Days" and "Will You", as well as starring in the film Breaking Glass.

Hazel was one of the celebrity voices on Viva!'s Christmas single orchestrated by Debbie Curtis. http://www.viva.org.uk/bigbandaid



"I saw a programme called 'The Animals', narrated by Julie Christie, in 1982, and I can still remember a specific scene with two farmers talking about how to get their pigs up a ramp and into a lorry, which would transport them to the abattoir. I realised two things: firstly, I didn't want to be like those farmers. Secondly, these pigs were intelligent animals and knew what fate awaited them. I decided that I didn't want to eat them anymore".