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Dale Vince

Dale VinceDale Vince

Founder & Director of green energy company Ecotricity, and chairman of Forest Green Rovers football club - which serves an all-vegan menu to players, fans and staff.

“My reasons for going vegan were always taste, cruelty and health – by which I mean it is revolting as a food and a concept; it involves the most absurd cruelty, an animal holocaust; and it’s bad for human health. These ideas have found root but it’s only recently that I’ve seen diet as an environmental issue. The enormous carbon footprint of a meat and dairy diet and the incredible waste of resources involved – truly, you could feed at least 10 vegans for every meat eater in the world.” “Viva!’s environment campaign is so important – if you care about the planet you should be vegan. And it’s not so hard to do.”
Dale Vince


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