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Interview with a vampire…

The Duckula dynasty has been around for centuries – destroyed only by sunlight or a stake through the heart but able to regenerate through a bizarre ritual requiring blood into a new Duckula with a new personality. The latest reincarnation didn’t run according to plan – Duckula’s dozy Nanny accidently picked up the ketchup. The result? Cult 80s cartoon star Count Duckula was created – not a blood-sucking vampire but a vegetarian one!

What does it feel like to be a cult cartoon icon?
I’m just one of those ducks that exudes confidence and I do have a lot of admirable qualities... I’m very talented – I can ski, dance, surf, climb, read, write (in fact I’m rather a good poet if you’re asking), paint, swim, invent amazing new technologies... and I’m very modest... that’s important. Although fame is never something I set out to achieve, I suppose some of us are just destined for the limelight...
If you were asked to do Celebrity Big Brother, would you do it?
Good grief! Be trapped in a house with the likes of those people! No thank you very much! Pretending to be cats, doing tasks where they have to get their feathers dirty in the mud – yeuch! The size of the jacuzzi is completely unacceptable, need I go on?

What’s your favourite food?
Broccoli – without a doubt. It’s one of those new-fangled ‘superfoods’ don’t you know.

Tomato ketchup was caught under the junk food ban, what impact has it had on your health?
Well, I’m actually rather glad for tomato ketchup, without it I might be tempted to do all kinds of unspeakable things! I’m sure Nanny could cook up a healthier version – she certainly has a talent in the kitchen, although we’re not entirely sure what it is yet...

Viva! campaigns to expose the factory farming of ducks where thousands birds are confined to crowded sheds with no water before being killed for meat aged just 7 weeks: what are your feelings on this issue?
Good grief! I had to stay in a hotel room with Nanny and Igor and that was quite torturous enough! It’s outrageous that any other duck being should be put through such an experience. And who would want to eat a duck anyway... yeuch! We’re very tough you know! If I was in charge I would take those responsible down to the dungeons of Castle Duckula to experience their punishment Transylvania-style!

DuckulaHow important is your vegetarianism to you?
I’ve been a vegetarian since the day I was reincarnated (well, this time around anyway...). The idea of eating meat makes me feel quite queasy. I mean, could you imagine me eating Igor, or Nanny... well that would certainly take some time...
Have you any message/advice for the youth of today?
I would say, stick to your beliefs and don’t be pressured by your friends to do anything you don’t think is right. Igor is constantly trying to get me to feast on a maiden, drink blood... yeuch! But I stand my ground and I’m proud to be the only vegetarian vampire duck!

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