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Being a door-dropper

Being a "Door-Dropper" for Viva!

One of the biggest problems we face in getting our message to people is that a lot of the information they need to know just doesn’t reach them. The media don’t feature stories about vegetarianism or factory farming very often and although most people have a vague idea about what goes on, they don’t know the reality. We’ve learned that people respond very strongly to learning the truth and one very effective way to get it to them is to “door-drop”, ie deliver leaflets door to door.

Viva! has a range of leaflets covering many aspects of our campaigns and they are great introductions to all the issues surrounding animal cruelty. They all feature our contact details and people do get in contact with us as a result of seeing them – in fact, some of those people even become vegetarians and campaigners themselves. If you could deliver leaflets in your local area, you would be spreading our message to people who may otherwise get no opportunity to see it. You can deliver as many or as few as you can manage and it will make a difference – even if people never get in contact with us as a result, just seeing the information will make them think.

How To Do It

It’s not complicated - just put one leaflet through each letterbox! We would advise you though to think about what you deliver. Some of our leaflets contain very graphic images which children or others could find upsetting. It can be counter-productive to alienate people by giving them material they object to – especially parents of young children. We advise you not to door-drop those kinds of leaflets: all of our leaflets are strong and are effective whether shocking or not. Remember, the main aim is to spread awareness and provoke people’s curiosity or interest. If they are interested, they will usually get in touch with Viva! and we can give them more specific and stronger information then. (We’ll be happy to advise you about which leaflets are best for door-dropping.)

Secondly, don’t overdo it. People don’t like getting “junk mail” as a rule and if you deliver in the same area too often, people will be more likely to be irritated and less likely to pay attention to our message.

Finally, be safe. Of course, it is very rare indeed for anyone to have any problems when delivering leaflets but it always pays to be sensible. Think about where you are going, whether it is a “good” area and well-lit and so on. If more than one of you can do it, even better. If you are not delivering in your immediate area, tell friends or family where you’re going and when, especially if you are young. Don’t go into people’s houses even if you’re invited in. In the very unlikely event that anyone should confront you, be polite and do not get drawn into an argument. We should just say though, we’ve never heard of anyone having any trouble when door-dropping and thousands of people have done it over the years.

That’s it. Leaflets are free and you can order a pack of 100 (if you can deliver more than this, please contact us direct).  You can also order other leaflets on our shop (although postage costs do mount up and if you want a lot of leaflets and can afford it, a donation to cover postage is always welcome). If you want any other information or advice, don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Thank you for your support. Happy campaigning! Good luck!