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Media releases

Release date:
Tue, 02/05/2006

Everything you ever wanted to know about going, being or staying veggie (or vegan) will be on tap at The Guildhall, St Helen's Square, York on Saturday, June 3, 2006, from 10.30am

Release date:
Tue, 11/04/2006

New web film lifts the lid on the factory farming of Britain's favourite bird

Release date:
Tue, 21/03/2006

There'll be no flowers or chocolates for Britain's hardest working mother this Mother's Day, and she'll never get to see any of her babies grow up.

Release date:
Fri, 17/03/2006

Photos available from Viva!'s photocall Hi-res photos can be viewed and downloaded from the following webpage:

Release date:
Tue, 14/03/2006

Britain's biggest supermarket has been censured by Trading Standards for using pictures on its own packaging that misleads customers.