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Media releases

Release date:
Fri, 12/01/2007

Bristol-based campaigning animal group Viva!

Release date:
Sun, 17/12/2006

Hi-res photos from the event are available for download:

Release date:
Tue, 05/12/2006

Campaigning animal group Viva! has congratulated supermarket chain Lidl for their decision to end the sale of foie-gras in all of their British stores. The move follows Viva!

Release date:
Thu, 30/11/2006

The United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation has just issued (November 29) a stunning report on global warming.

Release date:
Wed, 08/11/2006

Despite being from the same family of wild birds seen on every pond in the country, nearly all of the ducklings raised for meat in the UK are condemned to cramped, prison-like conditions on factory