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Media releases

Release date:
Thu, 31/05/2012

New DEFRA slaughter figures show dramatic drop in meat consumption

A MASSIVE three billion* fewer meaty meals were eaten in Britain in 2011 when compared to 2005, according to new government statistics released this week.

Badger in trap due to be killed by farmer
Release date:
Thu, 07/06/2012

ANIMAL campaigning group Viva!

Release date:
Wed, 23/05/2012

WHOLESALE group Makro have come under fire from animal welfare campaigners for selling live lobsters and crabs in several outlets across the UK.

Release date:
Wed, 16/05/2012

THE BBC has received hundreds of complaints from angry viewers for allowing the controversial and cruel foie-gras to feature extensively in the latest BBC 2 series of The Great British Menu.

Release date:
Tue, 01/05/2012

EVER wondered what is in your food or how it was produced' Is it really healthy and how high is animal welfare' What is it that the dairy industry isn't telling us' Europe's lar